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Asset Finance is a flexible funding solution for businesses to access equipment machinery, vehicles or other high value assets they require in order to help the growth of their business without sacrificing cashflow.

Transport & Haulage, Construction & Associated Trades, Leisure & Hospitality, or even Engineering & Manufacturing. Irrespective of the sector your business lies in, we will be able to get you Asset & Equipment Finance. Reach out to one of our account managers here at Union Business Finance and we can assist you.

At a glance

Asset and equipment finance can help your business to acquire an asset whilst spreading the cost over time.

You'll be able to free up valuable working capital, alternatively, it can be used to secure additional funds against existing assets and is an alternative to other borrowings such as loans or overdrafts.

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Assets take many forms, any object that has value can be converted into cash. There are two distinct forms: Hard Assets which refers to tangible resources with significant value, for example Vehicles, machinery and plant equipment. And, Soft Assets which are typically equipment that have little or no resale value for example Catering equipment. Asset Finance is very often associated with the purchase of high value equipment for a business - may it be, plant, machinery or vehicles.

Say you have a need to grow or have the opportunity to grow your business, but do not have the funds readily to hand nor the desire to interrupt your cash flow - asset finance allows you to spread the cost over a longer term. Aiding the business to deliver their purpose and also generate an income.

Some of the sectors we've worked with

At Union Business Finance, we can provide Asset Finance for any circumstance across a range of sectors, including but not limited to:
  • A woman receiving a facial treatment

    Beauty Finance

    Our range of beauty industry finance solutions help businesses purchase new machinery, offer new cosmetic treatments and more. With the help of Union Business Finance, your future has never looked better!
  • A brewing distillery

    Brewery Finance

    From breweries to public houses and cocktail bars, our range of finance options for the hospitality industry can help you grow and expand your business giving you reason to celebrate.
  • Workers on a construction

    Construction Finance

    From bridging loans and refinancing loans to asset finance for new development projects, Union Business Finance help companies operating within the construction and home building industry expand and build a stronger future.
  • Man working on a drainage pipe

    Drainage Finance

    Don't let your finances cause a blockage. Union Business Finance provides a range of financing options for the drainage industry to help with the purchase of new vehicles, new equipment, and more so that your business runs freely.
  • Tractor on a field

    Farming Finance

    Our range of financing options for the farming and agriculture industry help you purchase new equipment, machinery, vehicles, land and more; whatever it takes to help your business grow.
  • A woman boxing

    Fitness Finance

    From building swimming pools to purchasing new commercial gym equipment, we offer a range of finance options tailored for the fitness industry to help your business reach peak condition.

  • Two businessman shaking hands

    Franchise Finance

    Branching out has never been easier thanks to our range of financing options for the franchise sector. From buying a new business to expanding an existing franchise, we can help.
  • A blue lorry

    Haulage Finance

    From finance for new vehicle purchases to funding new premises and warehouse, we can help your haulage or distribution business keep driving forwards.
  • A dentist working on a patient

    Medical & Dental Finance

    From investment for new dental or medical machinery to full surgery fit-outs, we offer a range of loans and finance options to help keep your business in peak financial health.
  • A retail worker using a tablet

    Retail & Wholesale Finance

    From funding new shop-fittings to stock, at Union Business Finance our team of expert advisors know how to find the best deal, saving you from the time and hassle of having to shop around.
  • Workers on a scaffolding building

    Scaffold Finance

    From vehicle finance to help purchase new vehicles, to asset finance to help purchase new scaffolding, we can help take your business to the next level.
  • Set of a film production

    Media, Production and AV

    We offer finance options for those working in the media industry, to take the stress out of buying equipment so that you can continue business as usual.

Types of Business Finance

There are several types of asset finance. Each has its uses, benefits and drawbacks, but they all broadly follow the same definition as previously stated.

Hire purchase / Lease purchase

The concept of lease or hire purchase is similar to the model offered for individuals. The provider retains ownership of the asset to be leased over the term of the agreement, and leases it to the business for agreed regular fixed payments. Businesses may choose to make a larger initial deposit, followed by smaller payments on an agreed schedule. At the end of the agreed period, the business becomes the owner of the equipment or the business can choose to buy ownership of the item outright with a final option to purchase fee.

With a hire purchase loan/lease arrangement the business is able to spread the cost of a purchase for up to 7 years. VAT is normally paid upfront but the business has the flexibility to defer this payment for up to 3 months.

  • Save Capital - Secure equipment quickly whilst retaining working capital
  • Flexibility - The process is straightforward and you'll be able to maintain control
  • Tax Advantages - Interest charges may be offset against profits for taxation

Finance Lease / Capital Lease

The business only ever rents the assets concerned. Payment is made with regular payments on an agreed schedule, which normally lasts until the finance provider has recouped the purchase value of the asset. Major difference being the business does not have the option to purchase the asset outright. This is a great option for businesses that need expensive equipment but do not want to purchase them outright.

Within this type of agreement, the asset will always remain the property of the finance company, whilst the customer (you) retain, and use the asset, paying for its hire over the length of the lease term. At the end of the finance lease, the business will be given the option to extend the lease beyond the primary period, or return the asset. If an extension on the finance lease is not required, the asset will normally be returned to be sold on. Alternatively, you could sell the asset to a third party on behalf of the lessor.

  • Predictability - Set regular payments
  • Tax Advantages - Typically rentals are corporation tax deductible
  • Efficiency - Minimal costs upfront

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