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The construction industry faces many challenges where reliable and efficient cash flow is essential.

Construction finance provides specialised funding solutions tailored to the needs of the construction sector. Builders, contractors, landscapers & suppliers all need funding, and that is where Union Business Finance can help.

Businesses in the construction industry find it difficult to forecast enough cash reserves for everything required to undertake a new project.

Our team's expert knowledge on available funding options, as well as the unique working practices & issues of the construction industry mean, Union Business Finance can help you find the right business finance package for you.

What finance options are available to you?

Asset finance

Asset financing can be crucial for the construction industry, as often businesses in this sector have money tied up in projects due to staged payments. Finding funding to pay for growth is therefore challenging without asset financing.

Plant machinery, transportation vehicles, scaffolding etc all essential to the construction industry can be acquired through this finance option, allowing your business to carry out a project to a high standard & establish a good reputation.

Business loans

The Construction Industry requires a large and well-trained workforce in order to take on new projects. As an experienced finance broker, we can help guide you where a business loan might be appropriate for your business.

This could be for any intangible assets like: employing, marketing, taking on new building projects, stock etc.

Bridging loan

You might have saved up money to complete a particular project, but something has happened to increase the original cost and now you need additional funding to complete it. We can offer a bridging loan; a short-term loan to help you effectively bridge the difference between the initial cost & new cost.

Refinancing loans

Existing assets can work even better for you by refinancing. It allows you to inject working capital into your business when you need it. Banks are continuously tightening their lending criteria, meaning funding can be hard to attain. This is where we can offer financial guidance & support to help you assess whether refinancing is a good option for your business.

How it works


Let’s talk about where your business is, and where you want it to be.


Send us your supporting financials for us to review, and we’ll get a proposal sent for credit approval.

Paid out

72 hours later, once approved, and signed on the dotted line, funds will be released.

Eligibility requirements

Our experienced team of finance brokers enables us to offer competitive and flexible loans for your business. We take the nature of your business into consideration, along with your history and ambition to tailor our service to you.
A tractor digger on a construction site

What can you get funding for?

Here are just a few examples of what you might be able to access with business finance from us:
  • New plant machinery
  • Light & Heavy Vehicles
  • New projects for upcoming contracts
  • Acquisition of new land/buildings
Two workers examining blueprints

What are the benefits of construction industry finance?

In an industry where so many components & sizable workforce of trained professionals are crucial to the success of projects, construction finance management can be difficult. Union Business Finance can help you choose and secure the right funding solution for your business. This allows you to:

  • Finish projects to deadlines
  • Complete project to a high standard
  • Avoid legal complications
  • Build a reputation as a competitive & reliable business

Why Union Business Finance?

Union Business Finance is able to offer our clients industry-specific finance options. We understand every business requires different needs, and we value the importance of reliable relationships with business owners.

We offer:

  • Access to a portfolio of funding options from 100+ lenders
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Loans from £10,000 - £5 million

  • 5* service every time

We offer a service that is:

  • Transparent - Adhering to compliances integral to our brand & providing well-informed advice to clients

  • Ethical - We strive to do right by clients & help them find the right financial product

  • Personable - We focus on building relationships with our clients that last a lifetime

Our team brings a wide range of experience, thorough knowledge & understanding of the financial climate in order to help you find the best funding solutions.


  • "We have partnered up with Union Business Finance for the past two years now, providing all our clients the option to finance Plant Machinery which we sell. Sujane is fantastic to deal with always fast as responding and always seems to find the right product for our customer"

    "I am glad to say every customer we have passed over has passed with flying colours, and with the access to finance our clients are able to get down to it as soon as possible!"

    Joseph Bayton
    Hamstead Plant Ltd
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