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The farming industry has been put under tremendous pressure in recent years with the increasing rate of climate change, the global pandemic, population growth and the current rising costs of living threatening food security

The industry is under constant scrutiny to develop a more sustainable & innovative approach to agriculture.

The farming industry primarily relies on financial loans from businesses like Union Business Finance in the private sector. Our team of experienced finance brokers want to support farmers and those in the industry to deal with the ever-changing challenges, and plan for both the expected & unexpected costs.

What finance options are available for the farming industry?

Asset finance

Arable equipment, soil-cultivation machines, and planting machinery, amongst many other things necessary to the farming industry, can be expensive. Most farmers do not have the cash flow to support these crucial purchases, as profit margins within the industry are notoriously low.

Asset financing with Union Business Finance will give you the ability to secure the equipment you need, be that housing for cattle, combine harvesters, milking equipment or tractors. Having the proper equipment means you can farm more economically and efficiently.

Business loans

With the pressure on the farming industry to develop new technologies that make agriculture more sustainable & able to feed the rapidly growing population, your business might want to consider a business loan.

A business loan with us will help you invest in renewable energy technology, or provide the funding to invest in research and development of new farming technologies & methods that could grow more food in a sustainable & safe way.

Applying for a business loan with Union Business Finance, if you’re accepted, will provide you with the funding your business needs to make these important decisions.

Refinancing loans

Refinancing is a great way of utilising any valuable assets you already have. The farming industry is well-known for requiring a large number of heavy-duty machinery and land, all of which can be refinanced through Union Business Finance to make new developments.

How it works


Let’s talk about where your business is, and where you want it to be.


Send us your supporting financials for us to review, and we’ll get a proposal sent for credit approval.

Paid out

72 hours later, once approved, and signed on the dotted line, funds will be released.

Eligibility requirements

Our experienced team of account managers enables us to offer highly competitive & flexible loans tailored for your business. We take the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of the farming industry into consideration, along with your individual business history and ambitions to tailor our service to you.
A tractor on a farm field

What can you get funding for?

Here are just a few examples of what you might be able to access with business finance from us:
  • New equipment or machinery such as milking machines.

  • New vehicles such as tractors, loaders, or combine harvesters

  • Silo's and barn building

  • Recycling & plant equipment
  • Acquisition of new land for agriculture
  • Recycling & plant equipment
  • Investing into research for modern technologies & farming methods
A farmer doing business with a tractor seller

What are the benefits of farming business finance?

In an industry constantly changing & one that is so delicate, you might need additional funding through a financial loan. Union Business Finance can help you choose and secure the right financial loan for your farming business. This allows you to:
  • Secure cash low in difficult times
  • Grow your business, securing new clients & contracts
  • Produce more efficiently & to a higher standard

Why Union Business Finance?

Union Business Finance is able to offer our clients industry-specific finance options. We work with you to understand your own business's brand & values. Some farmers might want to focus on sustainable farming technologies, whereas some might want to scale up and invest in better machinery. Whatever it is, we value the importance of establishing a good relationship with all clients across a wide range of industry sectors.

We offer:

  • Access to a portfolio of funding options from 100+ lenders
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Loans from £10,000 - £5 million

  • 5* service every time

We offer a service that is:

  • Transparent - Understanding your businesses values & providing you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision for you

  • Ethical - We always have the client's best interests in mind

  • Personable - We focus on building relationships with our clients that are reliable & honest

Our team brings a wide range of experience, thorough knowledge & understanding of the financial climate in order to help you find the best funding solutions.

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